What is Shaky Butt?

Shaky Butt is an indie music game currently in development by Aurelia XO. It follows the story of Mina Lovely, an aspiring dancer whose goal is to win the Intergalactic Dance-Off! But will she be able to defeat the many other contestants, equally eager to become the champion? Find out as you shake your butt across the galaxy on the path to victory!



Fully hand-drawn 2D animations

Each frame of animation is lovingly hand-drawn, giving the game a unique, cartoony aesthetic.

What's up?

Unique characters

Face off against an array of alien characters from all over the universe, each with individual personalities and dance styles.

Game dialogue

Original and catchy music

Each level introduces the player to a new style of music and dance, making the gaming experience varied and exciting.

Dance gameplay

Engaging gaming experience

Complete with features such as Fever Mode and unlockable outfits, there is always something to do in Shaky Butt!

Fever mode


Mina Lovely

Aurelia XO

Shaky Butt was designed, animated and developed all by one person! Aurelia XO is a freelance illustrator and designer who has been creating unique works of various styles and inspirations for over 10 years.

This is her first game.

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